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  • Laura Chesworth

101 Dalmatians comes to All About Pets

Ok well maybe 101 might be a crowd, so we went with just 1. We got Patch, aptly named because of his big black eye patch, from my friend Philip, who has bred Dalmatians for as long as I care to remember.

I managed to convince my husband to drive me to stafford, where Philip lives to just take a look at the puppies, Knowing full well I wanted to more than just look.

On arrival there we're only two left, at 10 weeks old one female and one male. Both adorable and receiving our affections.

The Female had a hernia so would require some veterinary work before we could have her, and with both kids pleading to have the male, Patch was loaded into the car and driven back to our house.

The journey was a bit much for him and on the way back he was shaking and was even sick in my hands. But he has settled down now at home, and is finding his confidence with the famliy and Jaxon our Bengal cat. Jaxon still doesn't quite know what to make of him, but he's coming round to the idea, just like my husband.

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